Year-Round Senior Living Community Virtual Fitness Classes - 30 resi

Pay monthly but sign a year long contract to save money and allow 30 of your residents to join in this amazing brain and body fitness format! They can watch and participate from the comfort of their individual rooms (on a smart phone) or together in a group fitness setting (on a smart TV). Classes will be live Mon-Fri and the recording of each class will remain availble 24 hours for your convenience. This will allow you to either join live for interaction with the instructor or just show the recorded version during your usual fitness class time!

  • Cancellation Policy


    Commit to classes for a year for this great discount (saving $300 for the year)! You can choose to pay the full amount upfront or monthly. (Message us if you'd like to pay it all at once or we will automatically charge your credit card monthy at $125 each month).


    You can cancel at anytime for billing to stop after 12 billing cycles.



PO Box 9042, Longview, TX 75608